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Beautiful LICENCE-FREE instrumental music on cd and download to enhance and compliment your business

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Inspiration and well-being through Music

WE are a vibrant record label with one objective - to create and provide you with sophisticated, warm-hearted, gentle, uplifting and emotive instrumental music to relax the body, refresh the mind, uplift the spirits and warm the heart             

 The soundtrack to your Business

Whether you are looking for beautiful and inspiring music to compliment your spa, salontherapy business, restaurant  or retail business... is here for you -with over 15 years of experience and expertise in independent music                     

Here at  you can also have your very own, exclusive and original album created just for you, and your business - a one off album that you own the exclusive rights to - an incredible opportunity to give your business the ultimate personal touch.....your very own soundtrack...

Movement 3 - SURRENDER.mp3